Just My Type - The Diabetes Podcast

#56 Sadie Aldis

August 29, 2022 Dobie Maxwell & Sami Parker Season 1 Episode 56
Just My Type - The Diabetes Podcast
#56 Sadie Aldis
Show Notes

In this episode, co-hosts Sami (type 1) and Dobie (type 2) chat it up with Canadian YouTube star, ‘Sadie Aldis’ as she shares her life with type 1 diabetes and being in the public eye.
Sadie grew up dancing and got diagnosed at a young age, leaving her to figure out a new life with a 24/7 disease.
Sami and Sadie discuss what school is like as a teenager with diabetes, while Dobie tries to relate but unfortunately cannot.

Tune in to hear more about this Youtube star and her Canadian life with type 1 diabetes!

C’est la vie, baby!

Question of the pod: Whose your diabetes role model?

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